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What’s The Difference Between Home Page And Landing Page?

What’s The Difference Between Home Page And Landing Page?

Submitted by • September 29, 2016

What is a Home Page?

Let’s get started with a simple example. Think about website Home Page as your house entrance which opens up into the other rooms and living spaces inside the house. For a person to enter the house, one needs to pass through the front door and then move to the other parts of the house, based on their need. That’s precisely what a website home page does. It acts as the entry point for visitors, where the user gets a quick overarching view of the business offerings and then can move to an internal page, based on their interest or relevance of the service or product.

What is a Landing Page?

Continuing with the earlier analogy, if a website home page is the entrance to a house with multiple rooms, consider landing page as a standalone room made for a specific marketing goal. Understanding the difference between a home page and landing page is important, especially if you are planning for an inbound marketing campaign.

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