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Commandments For Every Woman

Commandments For Every Woman

Submitted by • March 9, 2016

We all make resolutions, follow it for some time and forget about it. We overlook our needs for family and work. We come at the end sometimes for ourselves, sometimes it just doesn't because of our routine. But there comes a time where one needs to focus on one self, drop the bad habits, pick the good and cultivate new ones. To glow, to stay strong and for a peaceful living!
Here are a set of rules which every woman should treat it as a commandment and follow it with diligence.

Build the foundation
Like starting fresh and new, leave behind the bad habits make a resolution to follow good habits. Habits that will build a strong foundation for you to lead a happy and healthy life.

Your body
Treat your body well! Protect your skin, wear sun block! Skip the dye and use henna for your hair. It will be long and strong. Be who you are. If you love make up, go ahead and use it. Just be you, but it doesn't mean you don't experiment.

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